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Get Value From Your Data

We help organizations build successful data services at a fraction of the time and cost through innovative technology and a process focused on value delivery.

Simplified Technology

To build data services, organizations assemble spaghetti bowls of complex technologies into bespoke data pipelines that require specialized engineers and are expensive to maintain.

DataSQRL technology enables small teams to quickly build powerful data services with low maintenance overhead by:

  • Utilizing your developers' existing skills. No need to hire expensive specialists.
  • Eliminating bespoke data pipelines through a compiler so your devs can focus on adding value.
  • Automatically optimizing data pipelines to reduce maintenance, cost, and outages.

Value-focused Process

Many data services fail to deliver value because their development process is fragmented, rigid, and detached from customer feedback.

The DataSQRL process empowers organizations to build data services that deliver business outcomes by following these principles:

  • Focus on customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of valuable data services.
  • Harness changing requirements and creative input from all stakeholders for competitive advantage.
  • Integrate with existing software development processes, tools, and frameworks.

Trusted Expertise

With decades of experience, DataSQRL's recognized experts can jumpstart your organizations ability to turn data assets into business drivers without a mountain of costs. Plus, we'll teach you data karaoke.

Visible Results

We are hands-on and work closely with your team to deliver working data services and products in a short period of time. We love making data productive and KISS to make it happen.

Reliable Partner

Our mission is to help your organization build with data and we will support your team all the way. But instead of piling up billable hours, our success is your team's self-sufficiency.

Your data is valuable. We can help you turn it into new revenue channels, delighted customers, or improved business processes.