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Build Data Services In Minutes with SQL

DataSQRL is an open-source view store for building data services from streaming data sources using an enhanced version of SQL developers call “not awful”.

  • 1. Connect
  • 2. Implement
  • 3. Access
IMPORT nutshop-data.Orders;
IMPORT nutshop-data.Products;

Step 1: Connect data source and import the data

Saves You Time

DataSQRL allows you to focus on your data logic because it handles all the annoying parts of building data services that make you want to choke on your keyboard: pipeline plumbing, schema management, error handling, data serving, API generation, and so on.

Easy to Use

Express your data logic, transformations, and analytics with the SQL you already know. Development with SQL sounds like eating soup with a sword but a bit of syntactic sugar makes it productive, easy to debug, and simple to maintain.

Fast & Efficient

DataSQRL compiles efficient data architectures that optimize partitioning, data flows, index selection, and query execution on top of Apache Flink and Postgres. There actually is some neat technology behind this buzzword bingo.

Getting Started

Customer 360 Tutorial

In this e-commerce tutorial we build a Customer 360 data service step-by-step from raw data sources in 10 minutes. What this tutorial lacks in creativity it makes up for with some amazing nut trivia.

DataSQRL Training

If you want to build a custom data service using your own data, this training guides you through the steps from start to finish. It extends the tutorial, covers everything you need to know, and gets you home before dinner.

Why DataSQRL?

DataSQRL saves you a lot of time, headache, and cost when building data services. But that’s what all data technologies promise and they’ll make you coffee to boot. Let us show you how DataSQRL delivers on those fluffy words.

Start Using DataSQRL

Learn More

DataSQRL Use Cases

Let’s take a look at how DataSQRL simplifies and expedites building data services across multiple verticals like finance, retail, logistics, telecommunications, technology, poetry, self-actualization, and more.

DataSQRL Comparison

How does DataSQRL compare to a database, a data warehouse, or a data science pipeline? We compare DataSQRL to popular data technologies so you don’t end up using the proverbial hammer for your data service screw.


The DataSQRL documentation contains how-to guides to solve your problems, in-depth explanations of the components of DataSQRL, and a reference that documents all features and capabilities. RTFM, y’all.


Join us on Slack

Join an active, welcoming, and supportive community of developers who use DataSQRL to build data services. If you think building with data is “fun” you will definitely fit right in with the rest of us weirdos.

Ask on Stack Overflow

Do you need an answer to a particular problem you are trying to solve in DataSQRL and you cannot find the answer? Post it on Stack Overflow. We enjoy answering your questions - even the supposedly “dumb” ones.

Commercial Support

Do you plan to use DataSQRL for a production use case and want expert support to have your back? Looking for training or consulting services to help you build data services? We’d love to help and nerd out about data with you.

Developer Resources

DataSQRL Architecture

DataSQRL is an incremental view maintenance and query processing engine that uses a declarative optimizer to compile efficient data flows and database schemas on top of Apache Flink and Postgres.

SQRL Language Reference

SQRL is a dialect of SQL that provides syntactic sugar and a few additional constructs to make building data services in SQL easy and productive for developers. Dive into the nitty-gritties to see what it is all about.

Contribute on Github

DataSQRL is an open source project that is free to use and free to contribute to. If you want to make DataSQRL better we would love your contribution and will reward you with the entirely made up $DATA token.