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Getting Started with DataSQRL

Fantastic, you want to get started with DataSQRL and build data services the fast and easy way. You'll be building data services successfully with DataSQLR in no time. How you get started is up to you. We recommend the "Learning by Doing" route but you can choose your own adventure.

Learning By Doing

If you're looking to learn DataSQRL, the best way is to build something with it. It doesn't have to be perfect, and you don't need to build something that is the biggest and baddest thing ever. Just get started, and make something you are proud of.

Nut Shop Tutorial >|

STEP 1: Follow the Introductory Tutorial to build a data service for a nut shop in 10 minutes. The tutorial gives you a high-level overview of DataSQRL and guides you through the steps to build a data service from zero to querying the data service API.

STEP 2: Dive into the DataSQRL Training to get a deeper understanding of DataSQRL and all the knowledge you need to build your own custom data service in DataSQRL. The training extends the tutorial and explains all the concepts in more detail.

STEP 3: Build your own data service in DataSQRL. Take a problem from work or grab some data you've been interested in and give it a go.
If you run into a problem or need to use a DataSQRL feature we haven't covered yet, take a look at the DataSQRL guides for howto instructions or the reference documentation for everything you'd ever wanted to know about DataSQRL and then some.
Still stuck? No worries, the community is here to help. Seriously, reach out and we will do our best to help!

Understanding the Big Picture

We get it: there are a million technologies out there so why should you spend your time on DataSQRL? If you want to understand how DataSQRL fits into the bigger picture and whether it's worth your time, here are some resources to get you started.

DataSQRL allows you to build with data >

DataSQRL makes it easier and faster to build data services from streaming data sources. Read more about why building data services is so difficult and how DataSQRL tries to make it less painful.

DataSQRL is essentially a compiler and optimizer for an SQL-based language called SQRL that extends SQL with syntax and constructs to make it developer friendly. You implement the logic and structure of your data service in SQRL and DataSQRL compiles it into ingest layers, data transformations, analytics, schemas, databases, and APIs for you. The result is an end-to-end integrated data pipeline with an API serving layer. Learn more about DataSQRL and all the plumbing and integration work it takes off your shoulders.

Zooming out a bit, DataSQRL is an implementation of a view store that fills the gap between database systems and data warehouses for data-intensive workloads like data services. Find out how DataSQRL compares to other data technologies and why you should add DataSQRL to your data tool belt.

What to know more? Start with the reference documentation to learn everything there is to know about DataSQRL.
What to go even deeper? The developer documentation details the internals of DataSQRL and takes you deep into the guts of the system.